7 Tips for Moving Houseplants In Winter

Mover Plant

You may have to handle all of your houseplants when hiring Winnipeg movers during winter to get to your new home. Below are seven tips to help make preserving the health of your plants a simple process.

1. Movers and Houseplants

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You need to find out if the moving company you hire will transport houseplants when it is cold. Many will not, or they limit the mileage to an average of 240-kilometers. You will typically be looked upon to provide a way to move them in your vehicle. Plants are considered extremely fragile.

2. Safe Travel Space

It is essential to plan the space needed inside your vehicle to transport your plants. The problem might not be so difficult if the move is a short distance, but cross-country moves can change the picture. Find a new home for the plants you do not have room to take safely.

3. Place In the Vehicle Last

You should treat the plants the same as children or pets. If the temperatures are near, or below freezing, start the vehicle and let it warm up before loading the plants. Do this as one of the last steps before you head out to your destination.

4. Water Days Before Move

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Water all of your plants 2 to 4 days before the move. It will create a moist soil that will not have too much water content. There will be no chance of ice crystals forming.

5. Cover When Leaving Vehicle for at Least One Hour

Snow-covered car in the parking lot. Urban scene. After a snowstorm. Clean automobile from the snow

Snow-covered car in the parking lot. Urban scene. After a snowstorm. Clean automobile from the snow

If you stop on the journey for a meal break and you will be inside a restaurant for an hour or more, cover them with a sheet, thin blanket, or sheet of plastic. The heat built up will remain while you are out of the vehicle and protect the plants as the car cools.

6. Carry Into Hotel Room

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Never leave the plants in the vehicle overnight when it is cold. A few hours of temperatures at or below freezing will severely damage or kill the plants. Carry them into the hotel or motel room to stay warm. Reload them the next morning in the same manner as the beginning of the trip.

7. Place In a Warm Location In New Residence

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Place the plants in a warm location of the new residence away from opening doors and drafts. It could take a little time for the plants to adjust, but they should make the trip fine if you are careful to not expose them to low temperatures for too long.

Safeguarding your plants from cold temperatures is the best way to ensure they make a move without any damage or significant trauma. The thanks you get will be strong, thriving plants that last.