Five Books About Moving to Read with Children

Moving house may take a toll on the whole family but may make children especially anxious. For children, a move to a new address across the city can be as anxiety-provoking as a move to a different country might be to an adult.

Young children often have fears of the unknown, such as changing to a different school, leaving all of their neighbourhood friends behind, and how their pets and toys will make it to the new house. To help ease the minds your children, you might try reading these children’s books about movers as a family.

1. A Kiss Goodbye by Audrey Penn with illustrations by Barbara Leonard Gibson

Chester the Raccoon learns about a comforting way of saying farewell to his former home in an old tree and moving on to his new home.

2. A Tiger Called Thomas by Diana Cain Bluthenthal and Charlotte Zolotow

This cute little tiger has recently moved to his new house. He’s a bit shy, so it’s tough for Thomas to make friends easily. That all changes when the neighbourhood has its annual Halloween party.

3. Big Dan’s Moving Van by Leslie McGuire with illustrations by Joe Mathieu

Children will learn how Winnipeg movers load their belonging into a truck and safely deliver these possessions in this illustrated book that shows how the Moore family moves from one side of the continent to the other.

4. Katie Moves by Liesbet Slegers

This book is just right for pre-readers, especially toddlers who will identify with the main character. She is Katie, a toddler who moves house with her dad and mum.

5. Tooter Pepperday

A Tooter Tale by Jerry Spinelli, with illustrations by Donna Nelson: Young Tooter’s family decides to move from the town to her aunt’s house in the country. Tooter doesn’t think she can adjust to life on the farm. Her mind changes when her aunt gives her an egg to hatch.

Children can often be scared, confused, and stressed out when it’s time to move to a new house or apartment. These five books will help caregivers reassure young children that everything will be all right and life will go on as normal after the move. By reading these books together, families can have a conversation and adults can have a chance to answer questions their young ones have about moving house.