Four Different Types of Moving Services to Consider

Your decision to hire a moving company to assist with your upcoming project is a smart one. Moving is hard work, and it often results in sore muscles or even significant injuries. You may be inclined to start calling around to various movers to find the lowest quote available. However, before you can request quotes, you need to confirm the type of service or services that you desire. The reality is that there are a wide range of services offered by different companies, and these services can vary dramatically from one company to another. These are among the many types of services that may be applicable to your next relocation project.

1. A Full House or Apartment Move

Perhaps the most common reason why individuals consider hiring movers is for help moving furniture and boxes into a new house or apartment. However, there are variations even in this type of service. For example, some companies offer turnkey service with a truck or a van, a full team of movers, all necessary supplies and more. Others may only provide the labor of two or three workers, and you will need to provide the truck and all other essentials.

2. Specialized Move of a Fragile or Heavy Item

Another type of service that some companies offer is assistance with a large or heavy item. This may be a piano, a pool table or something else similar. Some companies only offer services for large relocation projects, and they may have a minimum of four hours charged regardless of how many hours that you actually need service for. Pay attention to this type of caveat if you only need limited help.

3. Packing Assistance

Many people prefer to pack their own items before the Winnipeg movers arrive, but others lack the time, energy or physical ability to pack on their own. This type of assistance is usually offered a day or two before your relocation. In some cases, the company may also assist with unpacking.

4. Cleaning Service

After you move out of your home or apartment, you typically must thoroughly clean your space. It may seem like cleaning a vacant home would not take long, but remember that you are deep cleaning the space. This includes scrubbing the fridge, wiping down ceiling fans and more. Paying a moving company to handle this task is often ideal when you are trying to focus on getting settled into a new home.

Some people only want the bare minimum amount of help so that they can get assistance without paying a fortune. Others prefer to get all of the help that they can get. Because services vary dramatically, it is important to know what you expect from your relocation experience before you begin requesting quotes.