How to Get the Best Rate on Moving Services

If you are moving in the near future, you have several options as it relates to getting your property from your current home to your new one. One option may be to hire professional Calgary movers. This may be beneficial because they have the experience and resources to complete the move in a timely manner no matter what you have in your home. Here are some tips on getting the best rate from a moving company.

Look for a Local Company

In many cases, a moving company will charge you for the time it takes the truck to get to your house and back to its dispatch location. Therefore, you should look for a company that is headquartered as close to your home as possible to save money. It may be possible to lower the price of your move by $100 or more by picking a mover located five miles from your house compared to 50 miles.

Prepare for the Move Ahead of Time

It is in your best interest to prepare for the move ahead of time to keep moving time to a minimum. Most moving companies charge by the quarter hour, which means you can keep costs down for every 15 minutes of moving time that you can save. Packing your car with small items or having your things already in boxes ready to go on the truck streamlines the move and makes it easier to complete in a timely manner.

Don’t Move During the Summer

Rates tend to be higher during the summer months as this is when most people prefer to move. Rates may also tend to be higher during the end of the month as well as during the last month of the year. This is because leases commonly end at the end of the month or the end of a calendar year, which means more people are looking to hire moving help.

Shop Around

Just like any other purchase you would make, it is a good idea to shop around before deciding on a moving company. Getting at least two or three quotes can help you decide what the true market rate is and how likely it is that you can get a discount from a local provider. In addition to price, make sure that you choose a company that is licensed, bonded and has a track record of successfully helping customers with their moves.

Moving can be stressful, which is why most people avoid it at all costs. However, if you need to leave your home or apartment quickly, hiring a professional moving company can make it easier and cost-effective to transition from your current home or apartment to your next one.